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Winning the Battle or Winning the War?

August 6, 2010

by Jacqueline Smith



Right now the war in the battlefield of ideas is raging, and yet many within the tea party groups, the 9.12 movement, and other conservative arenas are not feeling like they are winning the battle.  But are they winning the war? 

The media and the government have done a great job of simply ignoring or discounting the groups and their efforts across this great nation.  Examples include how Time Magazine put not one picture of the march on Washington DC on September 12, 2009 in their “Year in Pictures.”  This is not by accident.  I was there on 9.12 and I saw the hundreds of thousands that by estimates of the crowd counters there said numbered at 1.6 million.  However, in their minds, if you are simply ignored, you will go away.


Missouri votes to not allow the health care mandate (Obamacare) to stand in their state by an overwhelming 70+ %.The media does not report it.  Does that seem like an oversight to you?  It is not.  It’s very deliberate.



A judge ignores the voters in California by overturning Prop. 8.  Even though the people of the state have voted twice and won to keep marriage between a man a woman.

You may not feel like you are winning any battles, because the media and government continually ignore you, but you will win the war of ideas.  Truth is the key.  When you cling to the truth, you plant yourself firmly on the side of winning in the end.  Do not give up hope.  Do not stop believing in the decency of humankind.  Do not allow the media or the government to cause you to doubt the difference you have made.


Stick together in your neighborhood groups.  If you don’t have one, create one.  There are like-minded people all around you.  Continue to educate yourselves in the classics of great literature, and great thinkers.  We are busy people.  We do not believe that government can fix our problems, and we want to focus on our families, our businesses, and our lives.  But make no mistake, if we do not stay focused in this critical time of alignment, our families that matter so much to us, will no longer be free.

We are in a Fourth Turning, and while there are many places to focus, do not let yourself be weary.  You do not have to do everything, but if everyone does something, we will accomplish our goals of small government, less interference into our lives, less taxes and government waste, better quality of life with our families, and true charity among humanity by individuals and not governments.  The ills of the world are defeated one family, one community at a time, not by an overreaching federal government mandating social justice.  Dig deep, and find your own personal mission, and then live it.


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  1. August 6, 2010 12:15 pm

    And whatever you do, pay no attention to the cheating going on behind the curtain.

  2. September 13, 2010 3:44 pm

    Not Just Democrats that Take Over Industries
    By Dale E. Whipple
    Democrats aren’t the only ones seeking to take control of industries in the United States. President Obama is receiving much criticism for his role in taking over the healthcare industry, the automotive industry, the banking industry, the school loan industry, the home loan industry, and other industries in the U.S. Many pundits claim that power-hungry, greedy government is a hallmark of the Democratic Party, and that it is the Democrats who are at fault for the wave of government takeovers – those pesky liberals, don’t you know.
    Would it surprise you to learn that the most Republican state in the union has seized control over the largest industry in the western United States – tourism? Would it surprise you to learn that out of 3009 counties in the United States, 69 parishes, 16 boroughs and 41 independent municipalities, the 37th most Republican County in the United States (according to seized control of a privately-owned tourism publication and illegally converted it to its own use, forcing the publication’s owner into bankruptcy in the process?
    It is estimated by some that over 50% of the U.S. economy is now in the hands of the federal government. State and county governments are also seizing more and more control of their local economies, down to the local tourism board level. But can these government entities operate these industries more efficiently than private entrepreneurs can? Or does it end up costing the taxpayers more money, while further increasing the ranks of the unemployed across America?
    A lawsuit was filed on August 18, 2010 in federal court in Salt Lake City against the State of Utah and Millard County for copyright infringement, theft, and conspiracy to defraud. The reader may learn the startling facts about how a Republican State Government and a Republican County Government pushed aside a private entrepreneur, wasted taxpayers’ money and broke State and Federal laws, all for the purpose of seizing further control of the largest industry in the western United States. Details are available by visiting

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