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Utah GOP Has New Vice-Chair

January 23, 2010

Today’s central committee meeting met to elect a new vice-chair after Morgan Philpot stepped down to run for Utah’s second Congressional district.

Nominations were made, including one from the floor. Kitty Dunn, Chad Bennion and Mike Ridgway were the nominees. Mike Ridgway gave the the first speech, wherein a breach of decorum occurred before he even made it to the podium. Ridgway spent his speech time to attack members of the Republican party.

Chad Bennion then spoke, outlining his experience not only within the party structure but as a legislator as well. He praised Kitty in her role as political director and said he thought they would be a great team to work together going into this tough election cycle.

Kitty Dunn spoke of her experience campaigning, her work ethic and her pledge to help defeat Democrats in 2010, starting with Jim Matheson. She promised to work full-time and continue the things she has done as the vice-chair.

The voting results were as follows:
Kitty Dunn: 83
Chad Bennion: 24
Mike Ridgway: 5

Kitty Dunn is the new vice-chair.

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