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Proposed by-law changes

January 23, 2010

First by-law change submitted was to address the seating of delegates for the state convention. The proposed change says that the “Counties shall submit a current, updated and final list of state delegates to the State Party no later than 5 pm eight days before the state nominating convention.

Jackie DeGaston rose to amend the proposal to include an exception for listed alternate delegates.

Todd Weiler rose to speak against it. He state that we have three competing interests here: the state party, the candidates and the need of the precincts to be represented. It’s best that a precinct is represented. Reject this proposal.

Rick Votaw spoke in favor of the proposed change. He pointed out that one county came with a list of 12 delegates and 24 alternates. The candidates who were running NEVER had an opportunity to campaign to those 24 alternate. The counties should take responsibility and get those names to the state party. A week is plenty of time.

The by-law proposal passed.

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  1. January 26, 2010 4:24 am

    Jackie De Gaston: Because there are no allowances in the state party constitution for alternate state or county delegates, they are prohibited.

    So the question to Rick Votaw would be this: When that misbehaving county party submitted those names, how many did you folks on the credentials committee seat as delegates?

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