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Just a little giddy

January 20, 2010

If you are a Republican, that is. Last night’s victory for Republican Scott Brown in very liberal Massachusetts was the political shot heard round the world – or at least across this great land of ours. Brown was polling at something like 28%. Even 2 weeks ago, he was down by nine points, but his message of fiscal conservatism and limited government and strong grassroots campaign – and an online presence second-to-none – carried the day.

If you are a wise Democrat, you woke up this morning wanting to know what lessons had been learned and where to go from here. If you are an unwise Democrat, you woke up blaming Coakley for running a poor campaign (and she did – who goes on vacation 20 days before their own election?!).

For the rest of us, forgive us if we are just a bit giddy today. And remember – we know how you feel. 2008 wasn’t that long ago……..

Oh and by the way – those seats you thought were safe? You might want to think again.

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