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Morgan Philpot Resigns

January 16, 2010

Former state legislator Morgan Philpot announced today via Facebook page and Twitter that he is resigning as the Utah GOP vice-chair effective January 23d. His resignation allow the Republican State Central Committee to elect a new vice chair at the meeting to be held that day. Kitty Dunn, current political director, is the only known candidate seeking to replace him.

Philpot earned his leadership spot last June at the Republican Party’s organizing convention in a statewide delegate race. He has significant experience and success in grassroots campaigning, something he hopes to bring to his upcoming race for the 2nd Congressional district. He earned a reputation as a principled conservative during his time in the Utah House.

“Morgan Philpot has been an integral member of our team”, said state GOP chair Dave Hansen. “While I am personally sorry to see him step down”, he continued, “I understand and support his reasons. He has all the qualities needed to be a strong candidate and an excellent Congressman.” Hansen added he expects Philpot will garner broad Republican support.

While national sites like the Cook Report rank Utah’s 2nd Congressional district as “Safe Democrat”, Philpot feels otherwise. “No Democrat is safe this year“, he said. He pointed to recent gubernatorial races in New Jersey and Virginia, to NY23 where a third-party candidate came within a few percentage points of winning and right now, the tremendous surge for Scott Brown in Massachusetts, who is leading by 4% in a race no one thought a Republican could take. Philpot said that he stands with the majority of Americans who are disenchanted with DC and who are looking for real change, not more of the same. He has never been shy about taking on the Republican party, especially as they stray from their stated platform. He is committed to representing the values of Utah’s second district, one of the most heavily Republican districts to be represented by a Democrat. He is the strongest challenger Matheson has seen in years.


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