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More good news for the GOP

January 15, 2010

New polling on a “generic congressional ballot” show Republicans pulling ahead of Democrats by close to double digits. The latest survey by Rasmussen reports show a 45% to 36% lead, the biggest Republican lead in years.

The number of Americans identifying themselves as Democrats is also the lowest it has been in seven years.

According to Rasmussen,

The latest generic ballot numbers highlight a remarkable change in the political environment during 2009. When President Obama was inaugurated, the Democrats enjoyed a seven-point advantage on the Generic Ballot. That means the GOP has made a net gain of 16 percentage points over the course of the past year. Support for Democrats has declined eight points since Obama’s inauguration while Republican support is up nine points.

Most voters still oppose the government bailouts of the financial industry and the automakers, and a plurality now believe the stimulus plan has been bad for the economy and 55% are opposed to the health care reform plan.

In spite of that, Obama came out with a couple of doozies today. He told Democrats that healthcare and the economy would help Dems WIN in the mid-term elections and challenged Republicans to a duel on the healthcare bill.

Bring it on, baby, and watch a repeat of 94.

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