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Mid-term elections looking bright for GOP

January 9, 2010

Almost a year out, mid-term elections are looking good for Republicans to pick up a number of seats in both the House and Senate.

In the last few weeks, several key Democrats have decided to retire instead of seek re-election, including Senator Dodd of Connecticut.  His retirement, however, will likely allow the seat to remain in the hands of the D’s.  Other retirements like Senator Dorgan of New Mexico who sits in a strong GOP district, almost assure a gain for Republicans

In addition, at least five “formidable” Democrat contenders against incumbent Republican incumbents have decided not to run and a freshman Democrat switched parties, although his chances of re-election are in the “iffy” category.

This week, the Rothenberg Political Report released their quarterly rankings and moved 21 House seats towards the Republican.  They moved one seat towards the Democrats – NY23 although I doubt that seat will stay in the hands of the D’s this election.

CQPolitics said recently: “The electoral environment for the GOP, after a year of political and policy turmoil, is better as 2009 ends than could have been imagined when the year began.”

Democrat and prominent political handicapper Charlie Cook, publisher of “The Cook Political Report”, responded to a question from the host of MSNBC’s “Hardball With Chris Matthews” before Christmas.  He said “I would not be surprised to see no Republican incumbent, House or Senate, lose…” in the 2010 mid-term elections. Jennifer Duffy, an analyst also with the Cook Political Report said “It all adds up to a pretty bad year for the party in power.”

To win back a majority, Republicans would need to win 40 House seats and 11 Senate seats.  One thing seems certain, however, and that is that both the House and Senate will lose their super-majority.

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