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October 16, 2009

101_0182Ever wonder what happens in the state executive committee meetings? Here’s a peek.

Last night’s meeting had 11 members there – Chair Dave Hansen, Vice-chair Morgan Philpot, secretary Christy Achziger, Merlynn Newbold, Dana Dickson, Marcie, Todd Weiler, Stan Lockhart, Chad Bennion, Chris Sloan and Drew Quinn. No elected officials were there also on the executive committee were there. That would include the Governor, both Senators and both Republican US Representatives or their designees.

Chairman Hansen said that the committee members who are there representing Congressional districts have not historically had a specific assignment. Now they will. Todd Weiler has agreed to be the associate legal counsel and all new members can expect to have assignments in the next few days.

Dave talked about Chairmen Steele‘s visit, with the fundraising luncheon, then open town hall meeting.

He also talked about the Fair Boundaries and Ethics initiatives. The state central committee will discuss, present and take a vote on an official position at their next meeting in November. The Utah County GOP is actively working to educate the public on the negative aspects of this initiative. A careful reading of the initiative leads many to believe it will eliminate all but government workers, educators and homemakers as legislators and several legislators have already stated they will resign if this initiative passes – not because of ethical problems, but because requirements of this initiative would violate privacy standards and potentially compromise their clients in their “day job”.

The Vice-chair’s report focused on the new Web 2.0 outreach underway. Morgan said the “website is awesome, communication is opening up and things are going well.”

The secretary’s reported that she is working hard on keeping accurate lists and is also working with TARS

Updates from the Constitution and By-laws committee:
Dana Dickson is the new chair, Julie Dole is vice-chair. their next meeting after the state SCC and all SCC members are invited to stay and participate. They will discuss limiting the number of members from one county, IRV, and electronic voting.

There was an interesting discussion on improving the voting process, namely by speeding things up. Stan Lockhart said he has started working with the Utah county clerk/auditor to talk about various possibilities, including the use of electronic voting booths. Dave said we can track a cow from birth to death – and it’s carbon emissions, said Stan – and we should be able to track votes at a state convention, and do it quickly.

Morgan pointed out that part of the problem comes with delegates who come not expecting the convention to last more than a couple of hours. He suggested we do more pre-emptively to foster the mentality that we are going to be a deliberative body.  We need to have delegates come prepared to do a job and encourage the expectation that it will take a while. Being a delegate is a serious job – plan to spend the day. The party can include it in instructions that come in the packets for the caucuses and make sure that each potential delegate is aware of the time committment.

That led to another interesting discussion about the role that state party can have in getting delegates to engage.  Some of the ideas tossed around last night were door prizes at the end, where you must be present to win, providing food (typically a big draw) and entertainment, having specific topics for all candidates to debatechanging the schedule to have voting at the beginning and some light-hearted brainstorming like holding GOP day at Lagoon, or the zoo.  Several members remembered one year a candidate threw a luau and commented on how much fun that was.

Here’s a chance to give your input – leave a comment with your best ideas on getting delegates to come and stay for the entire convention.   Looking forward to YOUR ideas!

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