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Meet Kitty Dunn

October 12, 2009

dscn0258Kitty Dunn is the political director.  Her main responsibility is to work with the counties, making sure they have what they need, and that they have a strong liason within the party.  The state party cannot be successful without strong county parties.  “I do a lot of training”, she said.  At central committee meetings, she does training about programs, but also spends time teaching county leaders how to do their jobs.

Her  job is to develop the programs and help with implementation, down as many levels as needed – but the onus is one the counties. “I can’t direct them”, she said, “I can only nudge and persuade and encourage”.

Kitty has been involved for 10-12 years in the political process.  She got started by working on campaigns, being active in her own precinct, and has continued to get more and more involved.  Kitty has worked with a couple different state party chairs and has gotten to help define her role with both of them

She will run the caucuses for the state party, meaning she will be preparing the packets and will even do training down to the precinct level, if necessary, to help ensure that the caucuses run smoothly.

In her role as political director, she also works with elections. The state party works with about 120 candidates, with a staff of only 6.    Kitty says they talk with each candidate a minimum once a week, making sure those candidates have what they need.  The state party offers training for candidates, for campaign staff, etc, but can not actually run the campaigns – that is the candidates’ responsibility.  She also acts as a liaison with the auxiliaries.

When asked what she says when someone wants to get involved, she said communication is the key – all that “being involved” means is that you start communicating – spread the word, get involved with family, friends, groups that have similar feelings for you.  Come to Michael Steele’s event, be an activist, get your voice out there.  Get involved in your precinct.  Become a delegate.  If you are elected as a precinct officer, that means that you are elected to represent your “constituency” – your neighbors.  Have meetings, talk to your constituents.  Get involved in a campaign.   The caucus system was set up to allow more grassroots involvement – so be involved!

Kitty said “I like that my job is not the same every day.  I like the challenge,  I like that it’s busy, I like that it’s eclectic. I like that I get to meet some incredibly wonderful people around the state.  It’s very rewarding.”

Chair Dave Hansen said “Kitty knows her stuff“.  He said he appreciated her strong work ethic and her willingness and ability to keep her eye on the ball.

Thanks, Kitty, for all your hard work!

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