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October Newsletter

October 11, 2009

Chair’s Message:

The new party website is up and running! Take a look at it – – and give us your thoughts and feedback as to what you like or think can be improved. We will be adding more information to the site as time goes on. Also, if you have pictures of Republican gatherings or you think would be interesting to others, please send them in so that we can continue to change and keep things fresh and up to date on the site.

Thanks to all those State Central Committee members who attended our first Committee meeting on September 19 in Provo. I want to also congratulate those members who were elected to the Constitution and Bylaws Committee and the Audit Committee. Although the meetings do sometimes last longer than planned, I felt the meeting was productive and, hopefully worthwhile to those who attended.

Finally, as you may have heard, Michael Steele, Chairman of the Republican National Committee, will be in Utah on Friday, October 16. We are holding a Grassroots Forum with Chairman Steele and our own Governor Gary Herbert. You are invited to attend that forum and ask the Chairman and the Governor questions or express your feelings. We hope you will plan to attend this very unique opportunity. It will be held at the West Valley Cultural Center, 5415 West 3100 South in West Valley City from 2:00- 3:30 p.m. For further information contact the Utah Republican Party 801-533-9777.
Again, thank you for all of your support as we prepare for Victory in 2010.

Dave Hansen

Vice-chair’s Message:

These days I see and hear a great deal of political discontent. It is not simply a product of Democrat control of Congress and the White House – many members of our own party are not happy with the Republican message and agenda on a local and national scale. The State Party leadership team is aware of this, and we are doing something about it by focusing on principles and returning to our roots.

Believe it or not, I can empathize with this discontent and believe it may even be merited. Let me explain:

Hugh Nibley, speaking on the Second Law of Thermodynamics (the law of entropy) stated, “Everything runs down.” Similarly, biologist Lyall Watson said, “[l]eft to itself everything tends to become more and more disorderly.”

I believe that our party and especially our government should be critically analyzed for the same inevitable trend. As systemic integrity and order decreases, aggregation of power and patronage increases. Systemic integrity is vital to the proper check and balance of power, especially in a constitutional and free society where sovereignty rests in people.

Today we are charged as individuals and party members with a responsibility to rein in partisan and governmental processes where almost every person, faction, and politician seems to be “walking in their own path,” or seeking their own power. I believe all should strive to maintain the maxim of power, with its requisite agency and accountability, in the lowest common denominator – the people.

If left for too long, compromise and decay in systemic integrity – without proper renewal and attention – can lead to critical failure. Long term and systemic compromise and decay in our political systems at home in Utah and abroad in America is one big reason why we are seeing turbulence and political discontent today. Many feel that with this systemic corruption has come aggregation of power and influence. This reality gives rise to the great responsibility that is laid at our feet as free men and women; to renew the system.

How then do we renew the system? I believe the answer lies in active political participation at a local level wherein we seek to maintain our party and governmental systems in a manner that is rooted in a loyalty and devotion to the Providentially designed Constitution and Declaration of Independence.

Thomas Jefferson wrote, “let no more be heard of confidence in man, but bind him down from mischief by the chains of the Constitution.”

The Constitution is our great guide; it was the pattern upon which our own party’s governing documents were created. Within its words are systems and patterns of government that – if followed – prevent the second law of thermodynamics from taking effect.

As Vice-chair I invite you to join with me in seeking to critically analyze and review our party structure and integrity. Review the party bylaws and constitution. Examine them with the Constitution as your light and guide. Find out who your local partisan leaders are. Find out who represents you on your county or state central committee. Find out who your legislative district leaders are. These are the individuals charged with governing our party and maintaining our governing documents. They are accountable to you. Lend them your assistance and advice, your research and admonitions. Together we can renew the American system of government starting right here at home. By doing so, others will join us in our cause, which has been and should always be the great cause of Liberty.

Morgan Philpot

County Reports

Salt Lake by Chair Thomas Wright
The Salt Lake County Republican Party has been very busy preparing for the upcoming 2010 elections. We started September with a town hall meeting with U.S. Congressman Jason Chaffetz at Merit Medical. We held our quarterly Central Committee meeting, electing David Pyne as Senate Chair for SD 6 to replace Dave Johnson, who moved out of the district. We also continued our neighborhood walks registering voters to vote early and identifying precinct captains and campaign volunteers.

October has already been a busy month, as we received notification that Representative Kory Holdaway (34) has decided to take a position with the UEA and will resign his seat in the Utah House. We will hold a caucus to choose his replacement on Thursday, November 5, 2009 at Taylorsville High School. We will also continue our neighborhood walks as well as offering Candidate Training to potential candidates.

Sanpete, by Chair Beverly Thomas
Sanpete County Republicans will hold their County Convention on Tuesday, April 13, 2010 at 8 pm in the Greenwood Center on the Snow College Campus, 150 West Center, Ephraim.
Sanpete County only has one partisan election this November and we are supporting the Republican candidates in Ephraim, who still want to be affiliated with the Republican Party, even at the grassroots level. Our County precinct leaders are gearing up for the “War to Reclaim America” and we are excited to have so many people involved.

Tooele, by Chair Chris Sloan
Things are getting exciting in Tooele County! A byproduct of the Party’s explosive growth is new blood getting involved in the process at the grass roots level. We recently held our first bi-partisan “Meet the Candidates” BBQ for municipal candidates. We had more than 50 people in attendance for good food, good music, good messages and good friends. I met many new peoole that want to get involved, and we have a spot for them. Last week at our quarterly Central Committee meeting, I announced plans for training our “infantry” in the war to regain control of our Country. We are looking forward to the Battle!

Uintah, by Chair Stan Gordon
Our most recent County Central Committee Meeting was Thursday, October 1st. With both the Chair and Vice Chair being new in our positions, we’ve each attended training provided by the State Republican party leadership during September. During October we will be contacting the leadership of the various precincts to update their contact information, and to update them on next years’ meetings. With most of our County offices being up for election next year, we will be determining who will be running for re-election. We will also be discussing where to find good people to fill positions not being sought by current incumbent Republicans, or being held by other parties. We have coordinated with the leadership of Duchesne County to establish the dates for the Lincoln Day Dinner and for the County Convention . The LDD will be held on March 10th at 5:00 p.m. and will be held at the new Uintah Basin Applied Technology College building which is on the new UBATC/Utah State Campus. This will give individuals running for State and National positions the opportunity to view this new campus and the facilities that are built. The County Convention will be held April 20th at Vernal Junior High School .

Utah, by Chair Taylor Oldroyd
The Utah County Republican Party is staying busy. We hosted a fun family BBQ this summer called We the People Party. Many of the nearly 500 participants enjoyed great food and entertainment, signed a replica of the constitution, and interacted with numerous local, state, and federal candidates. We also hosted a golf tourney on Oct 2, where we got Tee’d Off at Gov’t Spending. Golfers and participants interacted with many local elected officials and enjoy good food and golf. The UCRP also launched a new website at One of the features of this site is a discussion forum; we hope that this will help educate many delegates and County Central Committee members on current issues and policies.


October 15, 7 pm: State Executive Committee Meeting
October 16, 2 pm: Conversation with Chairman Steele
October 22, 6 pm: SLCo GOP Neighborhood Walk
October 22, 7 pm: Utah County Executive Committee Meeting
October 29: Salt Lake County Candidate Training
November 5, 7pm: LD 34 Caucus to Replace Representative Holdaway
November 19: State Central Committee Meeting
November 26: ALL 836 SLCo Precincts will be organized!
December 3, 6pm: Salt Lake County Central Committee Meeting – Merit Medical
January 25: Legislative Session Begins
February 4: Salt Lake County Lincoln Day Dinner, Little America Hotel
February 6: Utah County Lincoln Day Dinner, UVU Ballroom
March 10: Uintah County Lincoln Day Dinner, Uintah Basin Applied Technology College building
March 12-19: Candidate Filing Period
March 23: Neighborhood Caucuses
April 13: Sanpete County Convention
April 20: Uintah County Convention
April 24: SLCO GOP Nominating Convention, South Towne Center
April 24: UT Co Nominating Convention, Mt View High School, Orem
May 8: State GOP Nominating Convention
June 22: Primary Election
November 2: General Election Day

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