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Weekly staff meeting

October 6, 2009

Ivan, Kitty and Katherine sit down once a week for a staff meeting. Pretty much what you would expect….how are things going, what calendar items do we have, what fundraising do we have going on – that kind of thing.

First on the agenda this week was a report on auxiliaries:

Young Republicans are having special elections on Saturday. Ballots are being prepared right now. No other business will be conducted at that meeting. End Mikelsen will speak during the vote counting.

TARS – Teenage Republicans – working on getting at least one group per county, moving towards the ultimate goal of one in each high school. Commissioner Steve White and Christy Achziger will be helping as well.

UFRW – yearly conference in November where elections will take place. Current president, Darcy Kruitbosch is running again.

College Republicans
are going full-speed, with Stan Lockhart as their advisor. They have chapters at each university in the state and manuals for each group. They are doing great – the state GOP is just here to help on an as-needed basis.

Item #2: The website
Working out some bugs, including the blog feed, but overall feedback is positive.
Working on getting calendar items up on the web, including Lincoln Day dinners and county convention dates – watch for those!

Item #3: Fundraising
Always an on-going issue. Several things in the hopper – but I didn’t hear about any golf tourneys in the immediate future. :)

Item #4: County parties
Working on getting dates set for conventions and the Lincoln Day dinners. Heard about some variations out there! Davis County does a talent show, some counties do a breakfast – but most do a dinner with a speaker. It’s a major fundraiser for the counties.
The counties are also working on enlisting more grassroots support and connecting with their base, as Kitty outlined the day of the state central committee meeting.

Item #5: New media training
Breaking news – the RNC is sending someone to train legislators and candidates on how to use blogs, Twitter, Facebook, etc, on Friday, November 20, followed by local social media experts sharing how to make it work in Utah. The RNC presenter will train county party leadership at the state central committee meeting November 21.

Item #6: Chairman Steele’s visit to Utah
Countdown to the Chairman’s visit. Got to watch the staff at HQ check items off their to-do list – just like planning any other big event. Logistics for invitations, food, driving arrangements, media, centerpieces and more. Make sure you come join the conversation at 2 pm!

Just normal stuff, but essential to keeping the party running smoothly.

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