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Hanging at HQ

October 6, 2009

Ivan DuboisEver wonder what goes on at GOP headquarters? I spent the day there to find out for myself.  I spent time individually with each of the three staff members – Ivan Dubois, Kitty Dunn and Katherine Lowe and sat in on their weekly staff meeting.

Ivan Dubois is the executive director of the party.   One of the best parts of the job is that no two days in a row are the same – “It’s always interesting”, he said, “there is always something to do”.

According to Dubois, everything falls into one of four categories:

administration (pay the bills, keep the office running, managing staff)

political (candidates, elections, conventions, caucuses)

fundraising (research, planning events and working with large and small donors), and

communication (emails, overseeing other communication avenues, working with and watching the media).
He defines his role as “keeping the trains running on time”. It’s a huge, volunteer organization, with only 3 paid staff, so keeping things running smoothly is paramount.

He has now worked with 4 different chairs, all with different styles and different expectations. When asked how it was working for Dave Hansen, his immediate answer was “awesome”. “Dave is moving the party forward in all the right ways” he said, adding. “He is looking down the road for years to come, and is not just focused on the next election cycle.”

Ivan concluded: “I love this job“, he said. “This is the kind of thing I wanted to do when I was growing up.”  (But if he hadn’t done this, he would have enjoyed being a professional chef.)

According to all the reports I’ve heard, he is succeeding at keeping those trains running.

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