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Returning to our ROOTS

September 19, 2009

Grassroots that is!Kitty Dunn

At today’s training meeting for state GOP county chairs and vice-chairs, political director Kitty Dunn spent an hour teaching – and reminding – county party leaders how Republicans will win in 2010.

Taking nothing for granted, she talked about GOP strengths – and weaknesses. She pointed out that there has been in-fighting and that it weakens the party when there is so much effort by Republicans to take down other Republicans and reminded them that grassroots are key – and that the party did not use grassroots effectively.

A gentleman from Wasatch County said he receives information from the Democrats all the time on how they are “taking back the state” and wants to know why that kind of communication is not coming from the GOP. He wanted to find out what kind of accountability and follow-up exists from the state TO the county leadership, not just county to precinct chairs or county to the state. Kitty assured him that there is a plan in place and the new website and other communication tools will be used to ramp up that level of interaction.

In fact, the entire focus on the 2010 election cycle is to get back to the grassroots level. You can expect a resurgence in activity all the way to the precinct level – county chairs, legislative district chairs, Senate chairs will all be working with precinct chairs re-connecting with and re-energizing the base.

Ms. Dunn encouraged the folks at this meeting to NOT rely on the same ole. same ole plan but to re-evaluate what REALLY has worked and get rid of what does not! Work with people in the trenches and make it a true working relationship, not simply a top-down form of instruction. The precinct chairs should be in charge – not county leadership. Those precinct leaders will report back on their assignment to contact people in their precinct by November 1 and get a feel for how folks are feeling about the current political situation.

Congressman Jason Chaffetz – the epitome of a grassroots campaigner – spoke to the leaders as well.  He talked about the vote this week that shifts all student loans under the umbrella of the federal government and that shifts funding from “discretionary” to “mandatory”.  He also said that he saw in his town hall meetings a large percentage of the people who turned out were people who came to a political meeting for the FIRST TIME. Again, people are awakening – please – ask them!  Ask people to help, ask people to step up – they will.

The GOP is returning to its (grass)roots!

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