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Herbert’s inaugual address

August 13, 2009

Herbert inaugurationGovernor Herbert’s first official words as Utah’s 17th governor were “Hi Mom and Dad”. His speech was solid and well-received. You can read it in it’s entirety over on his new website. He spoke his gratitude for family and friends, congratulated Gov. Huntsman on a job well-done, then laid out his plan for his administration.

He has three major areas of focus: the economy, education and energy.

“A state with sufficient employment opportunities is a state that can expect economic stability”, he said. “If we can get the economy right, most everything else falls into place.” He spoke of securing current jobs and creating new jobs. He spoke of recruiting new businesses to our state.

“Let me be clear. I believe in free enterprise, the risk and reward system that some call capitalism. But “free enterprise” is best characterized as “freedom.” I believe in empowering the private sector. When it comes to free markets, there is no state in this country that can surpass our hard work, industry and innovation. As we work together, Utah will continue to be a leader in promoting free enterprise.

The next point of emphasis for the Herbert administration is education.

Education, particularly well-focused higher education, enables career opportunities, economic stability and a richer, deeper quality of life.
We cannot have sustainable economic growth – or be competitive in what is now a global marketplace – if we don’t properly educate the rising generation. In the 21st century, our competition isn’t just Idaho, Colorado, or California. It’s India, Canada, Mexico, and, as Ambassador Huntsman knows, it’s China. Today, more than merely gaining a diploma, our students need the skills that will provide a passport to the world.

Governor Herbert committed to take a hands-on, proactive approach to work with all of the stakeholders to improve education in our state.

His third area of emphasis is energy. Taking a balanced approach that was applauded by the audience, he said, “Protecting our extraordinary natural wonderment and meeting our pressing energy needs are not mutually exclusive goals.”

“We can, and we must, develop our natural resources, but we must do it responsibly and with an eye to our children’s future”, Herbert declared. “We will not forget our duty to be good stewards of our land and protectors of our environment.”

He briefly touched on other areas of importance – freedom, limited government, fiscal discipline, self-reliance, and state’s rights, stating “We should never forget that we, as a nation of United States, created the federal government, not the other way around. Let us commit to build “bottom up,” and not “top down”.

Governor Herbert concluded his speech by pledging to work tirelessly.  “I will sacrifice willingly“, he said, “and, together, we will ensure that Utah’s light shines like never before!”

It was a great start to a new administration. Best of luck to Governor Herbert!

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