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Greg Bell joining Gary Herbert

August 10, 2009

After weeks of speculation and in the end, surprising no one, soon-to-be governor Gary Greg  BellHerbert announced today that he had chosen state Senator Greg Bell, of Fruit Heights, to be his new lieutenant governor.

Quipping that “I have had a lot of counsel and advice – a lot of it unsolicited“, Herbert went on to say “there has been a lot of interest” in who his pick would be. “This has not been a casual walk in the park for me”, he said, “in determining who would be my partner”. Herbert said this is an important and “tough” job and that the Huntsman/Herbert team worked hard to increase the profile of the LG and he looked forward to Senator Bell continuing to raise the bar.

Herbert summarized his choice of Bell with 3 C’s – Capability, Commitment and Compatability

Senator Bell said that Lt. Gov Herbert called him last night to extend the offer of becoming the new LG, then joked “so those of you who felt shut out of the circle, it was universal“. He comes with many years of experience both as a former mayor and a state Senator for the last 7 years. He said he is ready to serve the people of Utah “with all my heart”. He will officially be on the ticket for next year’s election. When questioned about his being “soft” on the pro-marriage stance, he said that he was proud to be a part of adopting Amendment 3, which essentially ends the debate. Lt. Gov. Herbert said that he appreciated input from all parties, but had to go with the best choice for the state.

The jockeying to fill Senator Bell’s spot as a Senator from Davis county has already begun, with Reps Julie Fisher, Doug Aagard, and Roger Barrus, as well as Stuart Adams all being mentioned as possible candidates.

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  1. Mike Ridgway permalink
    August 11, 2009 4:34 am

    Congratulations, Senator Bell. We’re hoping for good things from you.

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